Welcome to Gaptrast

Gaptrast will be a culinary adventure focusing on natural flow – the optimal organic development of nature & people – revitalising the biology & psychology that supports us. We see people & nature as one, and believe the road to ecological balance and happiness is intertwined.

Our curiosity towards nature drives us. Our mission; to showcase the bountiful beauty of nature. To increase the appreciation of – and empathy towards – the natural world through knowledge & wonder.

In our restaurant – located in the city centre of Bergen – you’ll find a unique culinary experience; a journey set in theatrical stages where food and immersion is centre. All produce is collected, grown or caught locally on the islands along the coast.

Unique habitat

The transatlantic gulf stream warms up the western part of Norway providing our coastline with relatively mild temperatures. Combined with high levels of humidity and Bergen’s steep topography & geology, these unique climatic conditions give grounds for a richness of natural life positively affecting the ingredients we work with and the culinary experience we are able to present.

At Gaptrast, we serve a set tasting menu featuring local, seasonal ingredients. We collaborate with local farmers, hunters, fishermen & divers who share our holistic view on – and approach to – sustainability. From nature to culture, plants to animals to people we value the welfare and balance of all life.

The dining experience

We welcome guests from Tuesday to Friday. The first seating is served from 6:00 PM. On Fridays, we offer the same experience starting at 1:00 PM and again from 6:00 PM.

For tables of more than 8 people or any other inquiries, please contact «restaurant@gaptrast.no».

Gaptrast experience – 2700 NOK
Wine menu – 1900 NOK
Upgraded wine menu – 3500 NOK
Wine lover’s wine menu – 7500 NOK (Minimum 4 people – must be booked in advance)
Non-alcoholic drink menu – 1200 NOK

Requests and allergies

For an optimal experience, we request that any allergies or other preferences are communicated at least 72 hours before arrival. Many of our ingredients and dishes have gone through preparation times spanning months and are therefore not always possible to adjust or replace on short notice.

Considering dairy and animal protein is a large part of our kitchen’s DNA we are unfortunately unable to accommodate milk protein free and vegan diets. Please be aware that the menu changes and other allergies may result in similar limitations. We strive to provide the best experience possible and to cater to special needs and know that communication ahead of time is key to anyone living with disabilities. Tell us early and we can enter a dialogue of what is possible to do within our operations.

One of us?
Join our team

Gaptrast promises a gastronomically ambitious experience, highlighting the best of Bergen’s natural bounty. Led by the team behind Bergen’s first Michelin star, our venture promises to elevate the city’s culinary scene.

We’re not just about exceptional dishes; we’re crafting an immersive culinary journey rooted in sustainability, innovation, and community.

We’re always seeking dynamic individuals who share our passion for nature, people, and culture. Please do reach out!

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